Delicious gluten-free food everyone will want to eat

Don’t forego your favourite foods. Goodbye Gluten is a mouth-watering collection of gourmet and everyday gluten-free recipes that you will want to share with family and friends.

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  • 90 easy-to-follow gluten-free recipes
  • Tested to perfection
  • Fail-safe, four-ingredient flour mix
  • Everyday favourites
  • Traditional Christmas recipes
  • Children’s birthday party ideas

About the book

Food brings people together but, in the case of those with coeliac disease, it can set people apart. Goodbye Gluten bridges the gap with tasty, regular food that can be enjoyed by everybody.

The secret of its success lies in the flour mix around which the recipes are based. Commercial gluten-free flours can vary greatly, yielding different results. Made from inexpensive, easy-to-source ingredients, the flour mix recipe used in Goodbye Gluten will work successfully every time when used for the recipes in this book.

All 90 recipes have been tested multiple times for taste and consistency, with author Sally Holland mastering favourites that are notoriously difficult to perfect without wheat flour, including shortbread, sponge cake and pastry.

Christmas and children’s birthday parties – occasions that can be challenging when you have a coeliac at the table - are given their own dedicated chapters.

Goodbye Gluten is a must-have for anyone wanting to exclude gluten from their diet, be it for medical reasons or by choice.

Gluten Free Flour Mix
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Chocolate Mud Cake
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Melting Moments
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About the author

When other little girls were playing with dolls, Sally Holland’s favourite toy when she was a child was a cake mixer. It was certainly a sign of things to come!

A self-confessed ‘foodie’, Sally launched her career in the food industry working in the Woman’s Weekly Test Kitchen in the 1970s, alongside the magazine’s iconic food editor Tui Flower. 

Sally Holland

Thirty years later, having raised a family and retained her passion for cooking, Sally had to radically adapt her culinary skills when her husband was diagnosed with coeliac disease. Taking up the challenge, she drew on her home science background to create delicious gluten-free dishes that they could share with family and friends.

Wanting to impart the knowledge she had gained to help others faced with the same dietary dilemma, she put her recipes into a cookbook that would provide a palatable path in saying: ‘Goodbye to Gluten’.


Here's just a few of our favourite reader comments about the Goodbye Gluten cookbook.

"Thank you so much for sharing your delicious gluten free recipes in your book. I have just made the scones and haven't had a date scone like that for 7 years. Honestly, they are superb and brown, not white like my previous efforts. I ate three while warm!! I have made the rosemary cheese biscuits twice as they just disappear! Also, have been desperate to find a g/free pizza dough as we have a pizza oven and on the weekend turned out some beauties, they were eaten by everyone. Looking forward to trying many more recipes and think I will clear out my other gluten free cook books, and stick to yours. Hope you are having success with your books, I certainly am recommending it and have created interest even from non coeliacs."
Pam, Tauranga

"I can genuinely say that Goodbye Gluten is one of the best gluten free cookbooks I have ever come across! I absolutely love to bake and cook myself and when I was diagnosed with coeliac disease I was certain that my days of eating delicious foods were over. I struggle to find cookbooks that have what I’m after but Goodbye Gluten has most certainly ticked all the boxes for me. I love that the recipes are so easy to follow – not to mention delicious and that the ingredients are what you would already have in the pantry or could buy and use again and again.
It’s become a regular occurrence for me where an afternoon of baking has resulted in spending a small fortune on ingredients that are most likely never to be used again. This is not the case with Goodbye Gluten which means less money spent and more baking for me!
I love the way that Goodbye Gluten is broken into sections and especially adore the Christmas one! I’m sure I’m saying this on behalf of a lot of others out there but thank you Sally Holland for restoring my love for cooking and baking, you really have done an incredible job!!"
Anna, Auckland

"I just wanted to say that your recipe book is absolutely fabulous. Last weekend we had a pot luck dinner to go to and I made the New
York Cheesecake. Usually I make a simple small dessert which I quietly share with another coeliac man who struggles with food. This time everyone ate it and the glowing comments were still being repeated the next day by several of the guests. One of the men even stood up and made a special announcement about the cheesecake and how delicious it was.
Tomorrow we have the neighbours’ party and I’ve just made the panforte and will also be making the clafoutis. The first week I made the lemon delicious pudding which was simply delicious too. So thank you so very much for sharing your recipes and ideas."
Jocelyn, Tauranga

In the media

Cover story

Bay of Plenty Times ~ Nov 10, 2015

When cooking is your life and your husband is suddenly diagnosed with coeliac disease, what do you do? Tauranga author Sally Holland shares her journey from consummate cook to gluten-free gourmand, and the birth of her soon-to-be released gluten-free cookbook Goodbye Gluten.

In Sally and Bill Holland's 1930s central Tauranga house the kitchen is very much the heart of the home.

For as long as she can remember, Sally has loved to cook.

"My favourite toy when I was a little girl was a toy cake mixer. I used to make cakes out of flour, water and pink food colouring to share with my dolls," she laughs, leaning against the gleaming white countertop.

It was a sign of things to come.

See the full story

Christmas Mince Tarts

Good Morning ~ Nov 25, 2015

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